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Bora Laskin Law Library

Practice of Law

The practice of law is largely self-governed by professional bodies known as law societies which are given power to control membership in the profession. This topic also encompasses legal ethics, the rules that govern the conduct and professionalism of lawyers


Legal Associations/Codes of Professional Conduct

This link is to a page on the Bora Laskin Law Library website that includes links to law societies and bar associations for all major common law jurisdictions. Also includes links to codes of professional conduct.

Great Britain

Law Society of England and Wales: Rules, guidance and regulation

Contains links to regulations and guidelines for professional conduct, inforamation about accreditation, practice support, professional development and the complaints process.
Date Last Visited: January 26, 2007

United States

ABA Center for Professional Responsibility

According to its website, the ABA Center for Professional Responsiblity since 1978 has provided "national leadership and vision in developing and interpreting standards and scholarly resources in legal ethics, professional regulation, professionalism and client protection mechanisms." Included on the site is information on legal ethics, professional regulation, client protection, professionalism and lawyer assistance programs.
Date Last Visited: January 26, 2007

American Legal Ethics Library (Cornell's Legal Information Institute)

This site describes itself as containing "the codes or rules setting standards for the professional conduct of lawyers and commentary on the law governing lawyers, organized on a state by state basis." Material is also provided by law firms and legal academics on the law of lawyering of their states.
Date Last Visited: January 26, 2007


This site, created by Internet Legal Services (a consulting company), states that it offers legal professionals "a gateway to understand the unique ethical issues raised by the Internet and Internet technology. Attorneys and state and local authorities will find links to articles, rules, and information relating to Internet ethics issues, including attorney advertising, e-mail communication, and UPL on the Internet."
Date Last Visited: January 26, 2007

Internet Directories

Findlaw's Links for Ethical and Professional Responsibility Law

Includes links from Findlaw on American Internet resources related to legal ethics and professionalism.
Date Last Visited: January 26, 2007