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Information Technology/Computer & Internet Law

This topic is constantly expanding and changing, however it would be difficult to improve on the current definition of the field provided by LEXPERT (The Canadian Legal Expert Directory 2000):

'[I]t encompasses the protection of software, multimedia products, electronic databases and other information-based assets through copyright, patent, trade secret and trade mark laws; criminal law - the manner in which Canada's Criminal Code applies to computer crime activities such as hacking and virus implantation; regulatory laws - the regulation of data protection/privacy, the control of high technology exports, and the regulation of the Internet; commercial law - the impact of contract, competition, sales, bankruptcy and tax laws on the distribution and sale of computers and information-based products and services, including the drafting and negotiation of a wide variety of agreements for the supply of computer-based resources; and electronic commerce/Internet law - the contract, evidence, libel and other laws impacted and challenged by our transformation from a paper-based to a computer/electronic-network-based society.'


Canadian Internet Law Resource Page

Contains the text of articles dealing with the Canadian law of the Internet. (Note: Last updated Sept.10, 2001.)
Date Last Visited: January 26, 2007

Cyberspace Law (Jurist Canada)

This page offers syllabi, reading lists and links to relevant on-line materials and resources. Includes the materials on 'Droit de l'informatique' by Réne Coté, Universite de Québec à Montréal, Départment des sciences juridiques (Hiver, 2000); 'Electronic Commerce Law Workshop' by Michael Geist, University Ottawa Faculty of Law - Common Law Section (2001); 'Internet Law and Governance' by Hudson Janisch and Craig McTaggart, University of Toronto Faculty of Law (2001-02); 'Law and Cyberspace' by Michael Mac Neil, Carleton University Department of Law (2000-01); 'Regulation of Internet Communication' by Michael Geist, University of Ottawa Faculty of Law - Common Law Section (Winter, 2000).
Date Last Visited: January 26, 2007


International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions : Information Policy

Contains reports, legislation and documents on the issue of information, communications, and the information superhighway for Canada and other jurisdictions.
Date Last Visited: January 26, 2007

Search Engines/Directories

Emory Law Library, Electronic Reference Desk : Computer and Internet Law

Provides links to sites and resources dedicated to cyberspace law.
Date Last Visited: January 26, 2007

Hieros Gamos : Computers and the Law

Provides international and U.S. links to sources of computer law, including links to the United Nations International Computing Centre (UNICC) and the European Union. Also includes links to U.S. statutes, regulations, agencies, associations, and state law links related to computer crimes for the states of California, Georgia, and Texas. Links are also provided for selected national regimes such as: Australia, Canada and Norway. Additional links include organizations involved with computers and the law, discussion groups, publications, and miscellaneous related resources.
Date Last Visited: January 26, 2007

FindLaw : Legal Subjects : Cyberspace Law

Contains a comprehensive directory of sites dealing with computer and Internet law.
Date Last Visited: January 26, 2007