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In Contracts , Farnsworth (1999) indicates that a contract can be defined as a promise or a set of promises for the breach of which the law gives a remedy or the performance of which the law in some way recognizes as a duty. There are, however, two limitations. First, the law of contracts is confined to promises that the law will enforce. Secondly, it is confined to promises (a commitment to future behavior).

Contracts govern a wide range of human activity such as purchase and sale of real estate, employment, insurance, furnishing of services such as medical, legal, engineering, architectural, painting, construction, education, loans, software licensing, publishing, movie-making, drycleaning, etc.


Duhaime's Canadian Contract Law Centre

Covers all aspects of contract law in Canada, and provides a general summary of the common law and equity principles on contract law.
Date Last Visited: January 26, 2007.

United States

Professor Smith's Contracts Tutorial

Dicusses topics dealing with all aspects of contracts, including Statute of Frauds. This on-line tutorial is designed primarily for the students enrolled in the Contracts course at Santa Barbara College of Law. The guide provides tips for conducting research in contract law.
Date Last Visited: January 26, 2007.

Contracting and Organizations Research Institute (University of Missouri)

Provides access to over 3,100 sample contracts. The collection is drawm primarily from filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commision (SEC's) EDGAR Database. In addition to the digital contracts, this site also has a collection of hardcopy contracts that are not yet digitized, including HMO-Physician agreements, sports stadium leases, container shipping contracts, etc. Copies are available upon request. User registration is required.
Date Last Visited: January 26, 2007.

Contract Law: An Overview (The Cornell Legal Information Institute)

Contains text of federal and state legislation, case law on contracts, Uniform Commercial Code, and international conventions and treaties, including U.N. Convention on Contracts for Sale of Goods. Links to other sites specialized in international contracts are also provided.
Date Last Visited: January 26, 2007.

International and Comparative

Computalaw Ltd

The Computalaw Contracts have been drafted specifically for the industry world-wide. On-line Computer/IT contracts and licences are available for use in all jurisdictions, including U.S., United Kingdom, the European Union, Japan and Australia. Each contract purchased from this website is accompanied by explanatory notes
Date Last Visited: January 26, 2007.

Internet Directories

Hieros Gamos : Contract Law

Provides links to contract law as it relates to commercial transactions.
Date Last Visited: January 26, 2007.

CataLaw: Legal Topics: Contract and Remedy Law

This Canadian site provides a comprehensive and searchable index of legal links pertaining to contract and remedy law.
Date Last Visited: January 26, 2007.

FindLaw : Legal Subjects : Contracts Law

Contains a comprehensive list of resources, forums and sites pertaining to contract law.
Date Last Visited: January 26, 2007.