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Bora Laskin Law Library

Constitutional Law

Below are links to constitutional documents from Canada and other countries. It includes links to full-text of legislation, treaties, charters and other materials related to constitutional law.


Constitutional Law of Canada

Maintained by Law Professor Joseph E. Magnet at the University of Ottawa, this page includes commentaries, decisions, syallabi, course readings, news and events dealing with constitutional law from Canada and all over the world
Date Last Visited: January 26, 2007.

Centre for Constitutional Studies, University of Alberta

Focuses on scholarly and interdisciplinary research on constitutional matters. Acts as a clearing house for information and materials relevant to constitutional studies.
Date Last Visited: January 26, 2007.

Canadian Constitutional Documents

Canada's basic law derives not only from a set of documents known as Constitution Acts, but also a set of unwritten laws and conventions. This comprises of all the acts passed since 1867 up to and including 1998. As a result, all constitutional documents during that time period have the force of law. There are other documents that relate to Canada's development as a country, such as those predating Confederation, which do not hold the force of law, as each act was superseded by the other until the passing and proclamation of the Constitution Act, 1867. Some of these documents include the Charter of Hudson's Bay, the Royal Proclamation, 1763 and the Quebec Act, 1774. This site contains the full-text of these rare constitutional documents.
Date Last Visited: January 26, 2007.

Canadian Confederation

The National Library's newly expanded and redesigned Canadian Confederation website tells the story of how Canada came to be, from the original four provinces in 1867 to the present. Historical essays showcase documents, articles and photographs of the people, places and events that have shaped our country. The site features a comprehensive bibliography and material from the collection of the National Library of Canada, including a number of rare items normally difficult to access.
Date Last Visited: January 26, 2007.

Constitution Acts 1867-1982

Contains the consolidated version of the Constitution Acts of 1867 and 1982, as prepared by Canada's Department of Justice.
Date Last Visited: January 26, 2007.

United States

Constitutional Law: An Overview (The Cornell Legal Information Institute)

The broad topic of constitutional law deals with the interpretation and implementation of the United States Constitution. As the Constitution is the foundation of the United States, constitutional law deals with some of the fundamental relationships within American society. This includes relationships among the states, the states and the federal government, the three branches (The Executive, Legislature, Judiciary) of the federal government, and the rights of the individual in relation to both federal and state government. The Supreme Court has played a crucial role in interpreting the Constitution. Consequently, the study of Constitutional Law focuses heavily on Supreme Court rulings. This site provides an overview of constitutional law with links to key primary and secondary sources.
Date Last Visited: January 26, 2007.

Findlaw : US Supreme Court

A guide to historic documents, biographies, Supreme Court decisions, and constitutional law topics.
Date Last Visited: January 26, 2007.

International and Comparative

Constitution Finder

This index contains constitutions, charters, amendments, and other related documents. Countries are listed alphabetically, and each nation's or state's name is linked to its constitutional text available on the Internet.
Date Last Visited: January 26, 2007.

International Constitutional Law

International Constitutional Law (ICL) provides English translations of and other textual material related to constitutional documents from a comprehensive list of countries. It cross-references those documents for quick comparison of constitutional provisions.
Date Last Visited: January 26, 2007.

The Emory University International Law Page

Provides links to international law, government bodies, and constitutions of the world.
Date Last Visited: January 26, 2007.

Internet Directories

CataLaw : Legal Topics : Constitutional Law

A comprehensive index of sites, arranged in one uniform and universal meta-index, for conducting research in constitutional law.
Date Last Visited: January 26, 2007.

CataLaw : Legal Topics : Rights and Freedoms

Contains a comprehensive index of sites, arranged in one uniform and universal mata-index, pertaining to rights and freedoms.
Date Last Visited: January 26, 2007.

Findlaw : Legal Subjects: Constitutional Law

Provides links to legislation, government resources, U.S. constitutional law sites, publications, mailing lists and discussion groups as well as links to international resources. The directory of constitutional law web sites is a useful starting point for research.
Date Last Visited: January 26, 2007.

Hieros Gamos : Constitutional Law

Focuses on the constitutional law of international, national, and the U.S. governments. Provides links to constitutional charters of the European Union, GATT and NAFTA; world constitutions, U.S. Constitution, and relevant U.S. court decisions, publications, commentary, and associations. Links to national regimes include Australia, Austria, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Macedonia, Netherlands, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, and United Kingdom.
Date Last Visited: January 26, 2007.

Yahoo Constitutional Information

The directory provides an extensive list of sites and links to constitutional resources of the world.
Date Last Visited: January 26, 2007.