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Recent Law Journal Contents: September, 2011

The Advocates' Quarterly
Volume 38, nos. 3 & 4, 2011


  • Causes of Action Supporting a Constructive Trust
    • John Greiss, 249-
  • One Hand Taketh Away: Recent Developments in Indirect Purchaser Competition Class Actions in Canada
    • Kent E. Thomson, Adam F. Fanaki and Davit D. Akman, 266-
  • Recent Developments in Family Law in the Common Law Provinces
    • Julien D. Payne, 292-


  • 20 Years Later: Rethinking Lavigne v. OPSEU
    • Neil Finkelstein and Ronald Podolny, 341-
  • Silk Purses and Silver Linings: Waterloo Region District School Board v. CRD Engineering Ltd. (Truax)
      • David Cheifetz, 371-

Alberta Law Review
Volume 49, no. 1, 2011


  • The Jurisdiction of the Alberta Surface Rights Board under Section 30 of the Surface Rights Act
    • Sarah Nykolaishen and Nigel Bankes, 1-
  • The Case for Comprehensive Random Breath Testing Programs in Canada: Reviewing the Evidence and Challenges
    • Robert Solomon, Erika Chamberlain, Maria Abdoullaeva, Ben Tinholt and Suzie Chiodo, 37-
  • Spatial Data Quality: The Duty to Warn Users of Risks Associated with Using Spatial Data Author
    • Jennifer A Chandler and Katherine Levitt, 79-
  • Proportionality as a Remedial Principle: A Framework for Suspended Declarations of Invalidity in Canadian Constitutional Law
    • Grant R. Hoole, 107-      
  • Police Use of Conducted Energy Weapons: A Review of the Canadian Jurisprudence
    • Vladimir A Zaychenko and Simon N Verdun-Jones, 149-
  • Access Denied? Inconsistent Jurisprudence on the Open Court Principle and Media Access to Exhibits in Canadian Criminal Cases
    • Dana Adams, 177-
  • Charting the Wrong Course: The Doctrine of Legitimate Expectations in Investment Treaty Law
    • Trevor Zeyl, 203-


  • R v Syncrude Canada: A Clash of Bitumen and Birds
    • Shaun Fluker, 237-
  • The Snail and the Ginger Beer: The Singular Case of Donoghue v Stevenson
    • Matthew Chapman, 245-

Canadian Business Law Journal
Volume 51, no. 3, 2011


  • Financial Literacy for Canadians and Reactions to the Federal Task Force Report
    • Saul Schwartz, 338-
  • Unanswered Questions about Canada's Financial Literacy Strategy: A Comment on the Report of the Federal Task Force
    • Mary Anne Waldron, 361-
  • Financial Literacy and Insolvent Consumers: It Takes Two to Tango
    • Jacob Ziegel, 380-
  • Financial Literacy or Financial Castigation?
    • John A.E. Pottow, 394-


  • Certification in Class Proceedings -- The Curious Requirement of "Some Basis in Fact"
    • Maurice Cullity, 407-
  • Personal Property Security Law in Australia and Canada: A Comparison
    • John G. H. Stumbles, 425-


  • Two Comments on Re Indalex Limited
    • 447-
  • Comment by Ronald B. Davis
    • Ronald B. Davis, 447-
  • Re Indalex Limited: When Good Intentions Make Bad Law
    • Robin Schwill, 467-

Canadian Intellectual Property Review
Volume 27, no. 1, 2011


  • The Rule Against Abstract Claims: History and Principles
    • Norman Siebrasse , 205-
  • Let Me Help You With That: Inducing Patent Infringement in Canada
    • George R. Locke, 231-
  • Canada Now Open for Business: The Patentability of Business Methods in Canada After
    • Mark B. Eisen and Vincent Man, 255-
  • Inspection of Property in Patent Infringement Actions
    • Grant W. Lynds and Tara James, 275-
  • The Patentability of Pharmaceutical Dosage Regimes in Canada
    • David E. Schwartz and Gunars A. Gaikis, 295-
  • Disclaimer: Does It Still Work in the Modern Patent Litigation Context?
    • Dale E. Schlosser, 323-


  • Initiatives for Patent Applications Related to Green Technology
    • Kelly John Stewart, 339-


  • The Nature and Justifications of Consumers’' Ownership Rights in Copies of Copyrighted Works
    • Pascale Chapdelaine, 349-
  • Obviously Different: Technological Divergences and the Spectrum of Obviousness
    • Michael Crichton and Kiernan A. Murphy, 387-

Canadian Labour & Employment Law Journal
Volume 16, no. 1, 2011


  • The Impact of "Good Faith" Obligations on Collective Bargaining Practices and Outcomes in Australia, Canada and the United States
    • Anthony Forsyth, 1-
  • Accommodating Minority Unionism: Does the New Zealand Experience Provide Options for Canadian Law Reform?
    • Mark Harcourt & Peter Haynes, 51-
  • International Framework Agreements: An Emerging International Regulatory Approach or a Passing European Phenomenon?
      • Brian W. Burkett, 81-


  • Travail decent et diversite des rapports de travail
    • Virginie Yanpelda, 115-


  • Constitutional Freedom of Association in Quebec since B.G. Health: A New Quiet Revolution?
    • Michel Coutu & Julie Bourgault, 135-
  • Liberalism versus Civic Republicanism: Alan Bogg's The Democratic Aspects of Trade Union Recognition and its Implications for Canadian Labour Policy
    • Roy J. Adams, 155-


  • When the State Trembled: How AJ. Andrews and the Citizens' Committee Broke the Winnipeg General Strike
    • Judy Fudge, 169-

Canadian Law Library Review
Volume 36, no.3, 2011


  • The Evolution of Black's Law Dictionary
    • Leslie J. Taylor, 106-
  • Preserving Electronic Information For Future Generations
    • Graham J. Underwood, 112-
  • Interview With Wendy Reynolds / En Entrevue
    • Nancy McCormack, 117-


  • Capacity to Marry and the Estate Plan
    • Laura Lemmens, 120-
  • Conflict of Laws
    •  Matti Lemmens, 120-
  • "Culture" and Culture: Traditional Knowledge and Intellectual Rights.
    •  F. Tim Knight, 121-
  • The Essential Guide to Mooting: A Handbook for Law Students.
    • Leslie Taylor, 121-
  • Gender Stereotyping: Transnational Legal Perspectives
    • Heather R. Wylie, 122-
  • Is Eating People Wrong?: Great Legal Cases and How They Shaped the World.
    • Susan Barker, 123-
  • The Law of Nuisance in Canada
    • Willa M. B. Voroney, 123-
  • Making Equality Rights Real: Securing Substantive Equality under the Charter.
    • Kim Nayyer, 124-
  • Making Rights a Reality?: Disability Rights Activists and Legal Mobilization.
    • Sooin Kim, 125-
  • Religious Institutions and the Law in Canada.
    • Charles Davidson, 126-
  • Wrongful Conviction in Canadian Law.
    • Julie Lavigne


  • Developments in U.S. Law Libraries
    • Anne L. Abramson, 136-

The Estey Centre Journal of International Law and Trade Policy
Volume 12, no. 12, 2011



Industrial Relations/Relations Industrielles
Volume 66, no. 3, 2011


  • The Earnings Gap between Black and White Workers in Canada: Evidence from the 2006 Census
    • Gervan Fearon and Steven Wald , 324-
  • Attitudes towards Faculty Unions and Collective Bargaining in American and Canadian Universities
    • Ivan Katchanovski, Stanley Rothman and Neil Nevitte, 349-
  • Participacion sindical de los trabajadores en Argentina: principales determinantes y tendencias
    • Marcelo Delfini, Analfa Erbes y Sonia Roitter, 374-
  • How Precarious Employment Affects Health and Safety at Work: The Case of Temporary Agency Workers
    • Elsa Underhill and Michael Quinlan, 397-
  • Exploring the Career Pipeline: Gender Differences in Pre-Career Expectations
    • Linda Schweitzer, Eddy Ng, Sean Lyons and Lisa Kuron, 422 -
  • Intergenerational and Intercultural Differences in Work Values in Quebec and the United Arab Emirates
    • Thierry Wils, Tania Saba, Marie-France Waxin and Christiane Labelle, 445 –


  • La signification du travail: nouveau modele productif et ethos du travail au Quebec . Par Daniel Mercure et Mircea Vultur
    • Philippe Barre, 470-
  • Union Revitalisation in Advanced Economies: Assessing the Contribution of Union Organising. Edited by Gregor Gall
    • Stephanie Ross, 471-
  • Travail et citoyennete : quel avenir? Sous la direction de Michel Coutu et Gregor Murray
    • Marie-Josee Legault, 474-
  • Employment Policy in the European Union: Origins, Themes and Prospects. Edited by Michael Gold
    • Jean-Claude Barbier, 478-
  • Le droit de I'einploi au Quebec, 4" edition. Par Fernand Morin, Jean-Yves Briere, Dominic Raux et Jean-Pierre Villaggi
    • Denis Nadeau, 480-
  • The Employment Relationship: A Comparative Overview. Sous la direction de Guiseppe Casale
    • Pierre Verge, 482
  • Economics for Everyone: A Short Guide to the Economics of Capitalism. By Jim Stanford.
    • Travis Fast, 485-
  • From Servants to Workers: South African Domestic Workers and the Democratic State. By Ally Shireen
    • Andrew Sparks, 486-

McGill Law Journal
Volume 56, no. 4, 2011




  • The Queen’s Other Realms: The Crown and Its Legacy in Australia, Canada and New Zealand
    • Peter Boyce, 1207-

Volume 27, no. 1, 2011


  • Introductory Editorial Remarks
    • Michael Barutciski, 3-


  • Feeling the Pinch: Kenya, AI"Shabaab, and East Africa's Refugee Crisis
    • Avery Burns, 5-
  • Can Aid Switch Gears to Respond to Sudden Forced Displacement? The Case of Haut-Uele, DRC 
    • Katharine Derderian and Liesbeth Schockaert,  16-
  • Re-theorizing Human Rights through the Refugee: On the Interrelation between Democracy and Global Justice
    • Kimn Banerjee, 24-
  • A "Great" Large Family: Understandings of Multiculturalism Among Newcomers to Canada
    • Christopher J. Pries and Paul Gingrich, 36-
  • Refugee "In "betweenness": A Proactive Existence
    • Lalai Manjikian, 50-
  • Investigating Integration: The Geographies of the WUSC Student Refugee Program at the University of British Columbia 
    • Robyn Plasterer, 59-
  • It Takes a Village: Perspectives from a Multidisciplinary Team Addressing the Needs of HIV+ Refugees in Canada
    • Heather Mah and Nicole lves, 75-
  • Environmental Migrants and Canada's Refugee Policy
    •  Sheila Murray, 89
  • Ministerial Influence at the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board: The Case for Institutional Bias
    • Jacqueline Bonisteel, 103-


  • Reforming the Canadian Refugee Determination System
    • Martin Collaeott, 110-
  • Wonderous Strange: A Reply to the Myth of the Evil Refugee
    • Ronald Poulton, 119-
  • Collacott Response to Poulton Critique
    • Martin Collacott, 123-

UBC Law Review
Volume 44, no. 2, 2011


  • Reopening Law's Gate: Public Interest Standing and Access to Justice,
    • Jane Bailey, 255-
  • Judging the Rules of Belonging
    • Howard Kislowicz, 287-
  • Indemnities for Acts Done at Another's Request   
    • Byron Shaw, 331


  • Jumping Ship: R v Cunningham and the Lawyer's Right to Withdraw
    • Annalise Acorn, 381-      
  • The Law of Infant Waivers: Wong v Lok's Martial Arts Centre Inc.
    • Peter Bowal, Thomas D. Brierton & John Rollett, 407-


  • On the Lam: In Pursuit of the Meaning of Paragraph 5(1)(c) of the Citizenship Act, (2011)
    • Adam Aboughoushe, 423-


  • Surveillance, Privacy, and the Globalization of Personal Information: International Comparisons, edited by Elia Zureik, L. Lynda Harling Stalker, Emily Smith, David Lyon & Yolande E. Chan   
    • Benjamin J Goold, 459-