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Recent Law Journal Contents: December, 2011 and January 2012

    Canadian Business Law Journal
    Volume 52, no. 1 (2011)


    • Canadian Intellectual Property Law and Pharmaceuticals: Is there a Need for a Change?
      • Edward M. Iacobucci, 1-
    • The Recent Evolution of Equitable Collection Remedies
      • Elizabeth Edinger, 39-
    • The Tort of Intentional Interference with Economic Relations: Is Clarity out of Reach
      • Ronald Podolny, 63-


    • Buyer Beware: A Recent Re-Emergence of the Doctrine of Successor Liability
      • William D. Black, Christopher Hubbard & Kelly Peters, 83-
    • Drafting Non-Competition Clauses under the New Competition Act Section 45: Avoidance of a Criminal Offence
      • Andrew Roman & Jordan Morelli, 95-
    • Implied Obligations from a Comparative Perspective
      • Sèbastien Grammond, 113-
    • Canada’s New Anti-Spam Legislation
      • Laura Weinrib & Alice Tseng, 123-


    • Three Recent Works on Contractual Interpretation: Steven J. Burton, Elements of Contractual Interpretation: Geoff R. Hall, Canadian Contractual Interpretation Law; Catherine Mitchell, Interpretation of Contracts: Part One
      • John McCamus, 136-
    • Qiao Liu, Anticipatory Breach
      • Mary Anne Waldron, 154-
    • M.W. Lau, The Economic Structure of Trusts
      • Donovan Waters, 161-

    The Canadian Class Action Review
    Volume 7, no. 1 (2011)

    • Introduction
      • Harvey T. Strosberg, QC, 1-


    • A History Of Class Actions: Modern Lessons From Deep Roots
      • Michael A. Eizenga & Emrys Davis, 3-
    • Class Reunion: Revisiting Class Action Justification After Twenty Years
      • Brian Smith,  33-
    • The Use Of Matrix Settlements In Canadian Class Actions
      • Sara J Erskine, 57-
    • Palpable And Overriding Confusion: Appellate Review Of Certification Orders In Canada
      • Shea Coulson, 71-
    • Whither Common Law Claims for Secondary Market Misrepresentation?: An Analysis Of Certification Decisions In Mccann V Cp Ships, Silver V Imax, Mckenna V Gammon Gold, and Dobbie V Arctic Glacier
      • Andrea Laing & Robert Carson, 103-
    • Consequences of The Courts' More Liberal Approach To The Admission Of Relevant Evidence at The Authorization Stage
      • Marianne Ignacz & Anne-Louise Lamarre, 149-
    • Waiver Of Tort: A Potential Sea Change In Class Action Law
      • Kit Scotchmer, 159-

    Canadian Journal of Women and the Law
    Volume 23, no. 2 (2011)


    • The Gendered Dimensions of Sexting: Assessing the Applicability of Canada's child Pornography Provision
      • Jane Bailey & Mouna Hanna, 405-
    • “It was all slightly unreal”: What’s wrong with Tolerance and Accommodation in the Adjudication of Religious Freedom?
      • Lori G. Beaman, 442-
    • Law and Learning “from the Field”: The Pedagogical Relevance of Collaborative Teacher-Student Empirical Legal Research
      • Sarah Berger Richardson & Angela Campbell, 464-
    • A Human Right to Group Self-Identification? Reflections on Nixon v. Vancouver Rape Relief
      • Christine Boyle, 488-
    • A Tale of Two Cultures: Intimate Femicide, Cultural Defences, and the Law of Provocation
      • Caroline Dick, 488-
    • L'engagement de ne pas troubler I'ordre public dans les causes de violence conjugale ayant fait l'objet d'un abandon des poursuites judiciaires criminelles (art. 810 C.CR.)
      • Sonia Gauthier, 548-
    • The Practices of Lesbian Mothers and Quebec's Reforms
      • Robert Leckey, 579-
    • When Bare Breasts Are a 'Threat": The Production of Bodies/Spaces in Law
      • Chantel Morton, 600-
    • Do Women Refugee Judges Really Make a Difference? An Empirical Analysis of Gender and Outcomes in Canadian Refugee Determinations
      • Sean Rehaag, 627-
    • Pensions, Privatization, and Poverty: The Gendered Impact
      • Claire Young, 661-


    • Beyond Country of Origin: Smith v. Canada and Refugees from Unexpected Places
      • Jamie Chai Yun Liew, 686-


    • Intersectionality and Beyond: Law, Power and the Politics of Location, edited  by Emily Grabham, Davina Cooper, Jane Krishnadas, and Didi Herman
      • Susan B. Boyd, 679-
    • Women's Human Rights: Seeking Gender Justice in a Globalizing Age, by Niamh Reilly
      • Doris Buss, 705-

    The Criminal Law Quarterly
    Volume 58, no. 1 (2011)

    • The UN’s Failed Response to Terrorism
      • Kent Roach, 1-
    • Criminal Appeals in the Supreme Court of Canada
      • Henry S. Brown, 4-


    • Section 24 (2): Lottery or Law – The Appreciable Limits of Purposive Reasoning
      • David M. Paciocco, 15-
    • The Impact of McNeil on Civilian Oversight of the Police: A Case Study of Ontario’s Special Investigation Unit
      • Joseph Marino, 67-
    • On the Presumption of Innocence: Towards a More Complete and Precise Instruction for Juries
      • Nick Kaschuk, 116-


    • The Law of Bail in Canada, 3rd ed. By Hon. Gary T. Totter
      • Giles Renaud, 130-

    Education & Law Journal
    Volume 21, no. 1 (2011)

    • Disobedient and Disloyal College and University Administrators: Liability to Their Institutions for Subverting Student Academic and Disciplinary Codes
      • William J. DeAngelis, 1-
    • Grades Matter: Toward a Holistic Proposal for Academic Evaluations of Students in Public and Private Higher Educational Institutions
      • Amy Lai, 21-           
    • An Educator's Guide to Violence in Schools by Eric M. Roher Amy Smith
      • Peter Jaffe, 49-      
    • Charter-ing a New Teacher Bargaining Relationship in British Columbia?
      • Kenneth Wm. Thornicroft, 51
    • Freedom of Conscience and Religion in Quebec Schools Lucille Otero
      • David Burgess, 63-
    • Arbitrator Erred in Not Applying Objective Human Rights Code Definition of Harassment in Labour Context
      • Karen Ensslen, 77-          
    • Discipline for Off-Duty Conduct
      • Samantha Scott, 83-       
    • Mandatory Retirement Policy for Bus Drivers Is a Form of Age-Based Discrimination
      • Tony Jones, 87-          

    Estates, Trusts & Pensions Journal
    Volume, 31, no. 1 (2011)

    • Jurisdiction to Review Trustee Discretion – Case Comment on two UK Appeals, Pitt v. Holt, Futter v. Futter
      • John O’Sullivan, 1-
    • “There are Things I Want You to Know” about Stieg Larsson and Me: Unjust Enrichment, Resulting Trusts and Common Law Spouses
      • Faye Woodman, 8-


    • Death as a Taxable Event – The Problem of Multi-Jurisdictional Estates for Canadians and Their Heirs and a Road Map for Assessing Potential Liability
      • Catherine Brown, 27-
    • Contractual Rectification in the Pension Context
      • Douglas Rienzo, 101-

    Intellectual Property Journal
    Volume 24, no. 1 (2011)


    • Demerara Sugar: A Bitter Pill to Swallow?
      • Dev S. Gangjee, 1-
    • Star Wars Storm Troopers, the Next Episode: Lucasfilm in the United Kingdom Supreme Court
      • Joost Blom, 15-        
    • The Aftermath of Stanford v. Roche: Which Law of Assignments Governs?
      • Sean M. O'Connor, 29-          
    • HGS v. Lilly: How Soon Is Too Soon to Patent?
      • Norman Siebrasse, 41-
    • Comparing Some Aspects of American and Canadian Patent Litigation
      • Justice Marshall Rothstein, 53-
    • "The Play Goes on Eternally": Copyright, Marcus Clarke's Heirs and His Natural Life as Play and Film Part Two
      • Catherine Bond, 61-     
    • The Management of Uncertainty and the Patent Incentive
      • David Booton, 79-


    • David Vaver, Intellectual Property Law: Copyright, Patents, Trade-Marks, (Toronto: Irwin Law)
      • Teresa Scassa, 111-            

    McGill International Journal of Sustainable Development Law and Policy
    Volume 7, no. 1 (2011)


    • Rawls & Sustainable Development
      • Gail E. Henderson, 1-
    • Pour en finir avec la notion de « règuiès environnementaux » : Critique d'une approche individualiste et universaliste des dèplacements causès par des changements envirormementaux
      • Benoit Mayer, 33-
    • Preserving Discursive Spaces to Promote Human Rights: Poverty Reduction Strategy, Human Rights and Development Discourse
      • Robin Perry, 61-


    • Book Review: Reconciling Sustainability with Private Property Rights in Planning Law and Policy: A Review o/Takings International, by Rachelle Alterman
      • Richard K. Norton, 89-


    • Case Comment: Equality and Environmental Protection: A Constitutional Approach in the Navarro Case
      • Èrika Fontanez-Torres, 101-

    University of Toronto Law Journal
    Volume 61, no. 4 (2011)

    Special Issue: Constitutionalism and the Criminal Law

    • Editors' Note
      • Shai Lavi & Hamish Stewart, i-   


    • Mind The Gap: Canada's Different Criminal And Constitutional Standards Of Fault
      • Kent Roach, 545-   
    • The Abiding Presence Of Conscience: Criminal Justice Against The Law And The Modern Constitutional Imagination
      • Benjamin L. Berger, 579-  
    • The Habibi Libel Trial: Defamation And The Hidden-Community Basis Of Criminal Law
      • Leora Bilsky, 617-  
    • Covenants For The Sword
      • Alice Ristroph,  657-
    • Constitutional Rights in The Balance: Modern Exclusionary Rules And The Toleration Of Police Lawlessness In The Search For Truth
      • Stephen C. Thaman, 691-   
    • Policing Morality: Constitutional Law And The Criminalization Of Incest
      • Markus D. Dubber, 737-     
    • Basic Rights And Substantive Criminal Law: The Incest Case
      • Otto Lagodny, 761-
    • Citizenship Revocation As Punishment: On The Modern Duties Of Citizens And Their Criminal Breach
      • Shai Lavi, 783-      
    • Constitutionalism And The Criminal Law: Rethinking Criminal Trial Bifurcation
      • Talia Fisher, 811-  
    • ‘Necessity Knows No Law’: On Extreme Cases and Uncodifiable Necessities
      • Alon Harel & Assaf Sharon, 845-    
    • Constitutionalizing Self-Defence
      • Alan Brudner, 867- 
    • The Constitution and The Right Of Self-Defence
      • Hamish Stewart, 899-