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Aboriginal Canada Portal: Women, Government of Canada

This website includes links to reports produced by Canadian Government agencies on Aboriginal issues and on the legal framework governing Aboriginal peoples in Canada. The section of this site addressing women contains several relevant sub-categories including information on justice and rights. A number of the reports about Aboriginal women's issues available on this site are annotated in the documents section of the WHRR database. [Descriptors: Indigenous Women, Canada]


Assembly of First Nations , Assembly of First Nations

The Assembly of First Nations (AFN) is the national organization represending First Nations peoples in Canada. The mandate of the AFN is to act as a national lobbying organization for issues relevant to First Nations communities. The AFN's Women's Council advocates for women's perspectives to be included within the AFN's activities. Resources relevant to First Nations women include public statements calling for greater recognition and participation of First Nations women in issues of governance. [Descriptors: Indigenous Women, Canada]


Human Rights and Indigenous Peoples, People's Decade of Human Rights Education

This website provides an overview of the rights of Indigenous persons. The website contains excerpts from relevant international treaties and conventions which delineate specific Indigenous rights. Although there is not an explicit emphasis on women, the information contained on this site does outline the international legal basis for the protection of all Indigenous Peoples, including Indigenous women.


Indian Law Resource Center, Indian Law Resource Center

This site is an American-based advocacy organization which engages in legal advocacy concerning the protection of the rights and culture of Indigenous peoples. The Center's undertakes legal and advisory work on regional and international levels. The site contains information from many of the practical cases in which the Center is engaged, primarily concerning land rights. Although the site does not focus on women specifically, there is significant information on the interaction of Indigenous rights with international law which is relevant to women's rights.


International Indigenous Women's Forum, International Indigenous Women's Forum

The International Indigenous Women's Forum is an organization which emerged through a network of Indigenous groups on the international level. One of their main activities is to bring the voice and perspective of Indigenous women to global forums, particularly the conferences on women. The website provides resources on indigenous women's activities and proceedings from conferences. Also included is the text of the International Indigenous Women's Forum Declaration concerning the Beijing + 10 conference.


International Women's Health Coalition, International Women's Health Coalition

The International Women's Health Coalition is "a nonprofit organization based in New York City that works with individuals and groups in Africa, Asia, and Latin America to promote women's reproductive and sexual health and rights". This website contains information on international programs, publications and reports, US activities and activism. Highlights include updates on follow-up measures taken by the international community and non-governmental organizations to ensure women's health and rights. Links are provided for other internationally-focused development organisations. The site also contains resources addressing issues surrounding Indigenous women and population policies. [Descriptors: Indigenous Women, Reproductive Rights - Overview, International]


International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs , International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs

The International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs is an independent organization supporting Indigenous people's struggle for human rights on a global level. Among other work, this organization produces a number of publications. Of particular interest is the journal Indigenous Affairs which regularly produces editions focussed on Indigenous women. This journal publishes focussed studies of the specific situations of groups of Indigenous women, mainly from a social and political perspective with some discussion of the legal dimensions. The organization also publishes the Indigenous Yearbook which contains updates on the state of affairs of Indigenous persons.


Métis National Council of Women, Métis National Council of Women

The Métis National Council of Women works with all levels of government in Canada to ensure that the distinct needs of Métis women are recognized and respected. On the international level, the organization is active in representing Métis women in various international forums including the United Nations. Publications, including papers on Métis human rights, can be ordered through the website. [Descriptors: Indigenous Women, Canada]


Native Law Centre of Canada, University of Saskatchewan

The Native Law Centre of Canada, based at the University of Saskatchewan, focuses on Indigenous legal issues of relevance for Canada. The website's database of legal pleadings is a collection of Aboriginal law materials in Canada. The user can search by case name, court, jurisdiction, as well as by subject, including Aboriginal Women. Types of resources available include statements of claim and facta by claimants, respondents and interveners. Cases relevant to women include challenges to band membership rules and the participation of women in the Constitutional process. [Descriptors: Indigenous Women, Canada]


Native Web, Native Web

This part of the Nativeweb site contains international documents including materials from the United Nations, the International Labour Office as well as treaties and documents issued by international Indigenous organizations. Users can search the site to find materials specifically relevant to Indigenous women.


Native Women's Association of Canada, Native Women's Association of Canada

The Native Women's Association of Canada (NWAC) is focussed on enhancing and promoting the rights and well-being of First Nations and Métis women in Canada. The NWAC actively participates in international forums including the United Nations Forum on Indigenous Issues and the Organization of American States. The legal elements of NWAC's work include court challenges on issues such as matrimonial property and Bill C-31 to amend the Indian Act. The documents section of the NWAC website contains numerous reports on these issues and others. [Descriptors: Indigenous Women, Canada]


Pauktuutit: Inuit Women of Canada, Pauktuutit

Pauktuutit is a non-profit organization representing Inuit women in Canada. Its mandate focuses on improving the lives of Inuit women and acting as advocates for Inuit women's issues. Although they do not specifically address legal issues, the policy work of the organization addresses such concerns as violence against women and protection of Indigenous intellectual property. The site contains resources on these issues and reports produced by Pauktuuit. [Descriptors: Indigenous Women, Canada]


Resource Centre for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Resource Centre for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

The Resource Centre for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples is an independent centre based in Norway. The Centre has a particular focus on the challenges facing the Saami people, but also provides information on Indigenous persons globally. The site contains detailed information regarding international mechanisms to protect Indigenous rights. The site also contains a thematic section on Indigenous women which lists research papers and information on international conferences and meetings.


The Rights of Indigenous Peoples, University of Minnesota Human Rights Library

This general webpage provides an introduction to Indigenous rights under international law. Although the site does not focus specifically on Indigenous women, this resource is relevant for the establishment of Indigenous rights within international law. The site also provides an extensive and annotated list of relevant international legal instruments and organizations focussed on Indigenous rights.


Third World Network, Third World Network

Third World Network is an independent non-profit international network that conducts research and advocacy on development and North-South matters, particularly pertaining to economic, social and environmental issues. Issues addressed on this webpage include: trade, development and the WTO; global financial and economic crisis; bio-diversity, Indigenous knowledge; environment; women's rights and gender issues; and human rights, among others. The network also produces a number of publications, including monthly, bi-monthly and daily magazines and bulletins. The site provides access to on-line position papers and briefing papers on the disparate effect of globalization and trade policies.


UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues , United Nations

The UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues was established by a declaration of the Economic and Social Council in 2000. The mandate of the forum includes facilitating the interaction of indigenous peoples with the United Nations. Activities of the forum include providing advice and recommendations to the Economic and Social Council, raising awareness, and disseminating information on Indigenous issues. The website contains comprehensive resources from official UN documents to State and NGO reports to the annual sessions of the forum. The website contains a specific section devoted to Indigenous women.


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